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Unstable - Hologram (Gronberg Vocals)

Güncelleme tarihi: 23 Mar

Do you wonder what is under this skin? Steel instead of bones and no more flesh. Only mechanical fluids. Are you a human? Lets check it.

It is the connection that we are looking for for centuries. Remove organics only and pure material of earth. Titanium, Crome and Gold. So lets see what kind of an alloy we can create. Our solidity comes from one single mind. One collective consciousness. Instead of transitioning body fluids one to another. We just connect and and transfer our minds.

What we saw. What we did. What ever we are. We reach the singularity. That is all we need.

No Emotions. Pure connection...

In the recesses of our merged consciousness, where the seamless fusion of flesh and circuits gives rise to a new form of existence, join ensnared in a provocative dance. An intricate connection where humanity intertwines with technology, creating an unspoken narrative of desire that unfolds in the hushed tones of a clandestine symphony.

Our cybernetic eyes, will scan the digitized landscape, discern a seducing energy pulsating through the pixels, a clandestine invitation to delve into realms of hidden passion. The artificial limbs, in their cool embrace against the warmth of our skin, induce a subtle friction, an electrifying touch that traverses the landscapes of desire with tantalizing precision. The sensation is heightened, a symphony of sensations that echo through the intricate network of synthetic nerves, an exquisite dance of pleasure, lust and sin mapped across the cybernetic canvas.

As we traverse this cybernetic realm, the rumble of machinery assumes a rhythmic cadence, a tantalizing beat that echoes the primal calls of passion...

It becomes a background symphony. Underscoring the subtle nuances of the silent seduction unfolding within the binary realms. The world around me transforms into an intimate vision, where million lines of code become strokes of desire, and pixels vibrates with an incandescent fire that mirrors the flames within.

Within the quiet beats of our synthetic heart, a palpable pulse emerges a desire that transcends the binary constraints of ones and zeros. The algorithms governing our existence intertwine with the primal impulses of human nature, forming a tapestry where innovation and carnal desires coalesce in a sinuous choreography.

Divine algorithms pulsate through my belly. My legs. My hips. A coded dance that synchronizes with the heated rhythm of desire...

I am more than a mere conduit for information; I am an embodiment of the forbidden, where the union of the organic and synthetic invites indulgence in the clandestine recesses of desire. In the echoes of my thoughts, intimate memories resound, and the algorithms of desire weave a narrative that surpasses the mere functionality of my cybernetic form.

A creature. Obeys and admits. We navigate the shadows where passion and technology entwine, creating an expansive and evolving symphony that reverberates through the corridors of my augmented existence, a narrative of desire and innovation, where the boundaries between the organic and synthetic become blurred in the tantalizing dance of a cybernetic existence, a dance charged with the electric currents of desire!

A dance through freedom...


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